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Mar 01

Aerial Survey & Roof Inspection

Aerial Survey & Roof Inspection with RICS Property Surveyor Rhomco in Cardiff.

To complete a thorough Pre-Acquisition Survey of a commercial property on behalf of  Parrys Property, a roof inspection was required.

The buyer had absolutely no idea what the condition of the roof was, nor the configuration. (Which you can see is a maze of pitched roofs,  flat roofs, hidden gutters and dormers.)

The only ways to inspect would have been to rent a bucket truck (£400+) or erect a full scaffolding (£1000+). But even then the inspection would be limited to the reach of the truck or the coverage of the scaffolding.

But fortunately for all involved, Rhomco Surveyours and Parry’s Property hired us at to fly our super high resolution camera drone over the structure to capture 55 photographs and one 4K video. (screen grab of video above)

Done in the wee-hours of a breezeless morning we were able to complete the job before most people had their first cup of coffee.

The client was extremely pleased and the neighbours as well as there were no men with poles or huge chugging bucket trucks to deal with for days on end.  No streets were closed. No businesses disrupted. No inspectors required to work at height.

Add up all these benefits and then look at the cost of an aerial survey (£150 – £350). The verdict?

Using a drone for commercial, residential or industrial surveys is an absolute no-brainer.

  • Done in under 2 hours
  • No disruption to neighbours
  • No health and safety risk for Surveyor working at height
  • Could save you thousands of pounds prior to exchange
  • Highly Detailed Photographs & Videos to include in final report
  • Cheaper than a cherry picker
  • Cheaper than a scaffold

So if you are a Surveyor, Property Agent or Property Buyer and need to know exactly what condition your roof, walls or windows are in, then get in touch today.